My morning skincare routine 

Hey everyone I am back with my morning skincare routine.

The first thing I do is rush my teeth when I get up. I am currently using and loving the Colgate max white optic. I brush my teeth for 2 minuets and then I used the max white mouth wash after. 

The next thing I do is wash my face. I use the cuticura cucumber face wash and it’s refreshing and gentle in my skin. It is also cooling. I wet my face and then take some of the product onto my finger tips and massage it all over my face. I then use warm water to rinse it off and then pat my face dry.

I then moisturise my fave with this tescos own daily softening moisturiser. It’s so refreshing and cooling on my skin and it doesn’t break me out at all. So once my fave is dry, I take a small amount of this on my finger tips and massage it into my skin till it is all absorbed. This leaves my skin so soft and smooth. 

The final thing I do is use some of this carmex moisture plus lip balm, as my lips have been so dry lately and this is amazing. It give a lovely pinkish tint to my lips as wel. So I just apply this on my lips and then I am ready for the day.

I hoped you enjoyed my little morning skincare plus a few extras routine. What is your favourite moisturiser? Let me know in the comments and I will see you in my next blog post x


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