Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner


Hi everyone, I am back today with a review of the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner.

I have been using this shampoo and conditioner for a while now and i love the way it makes my hair feel. It leaves my hair feeling so clean, soft and shiny.

I have 2 different sorts. The current one that i am using is the one in the picture, which is the juicy green apple for oily hair. I use this one is summer as my hair gets very oily and horrible and this sorts it out to look amazing again, plus is smells amazing.

I also have the raspberry one which is for normal to dry hair for in the winter as my hair always seems to dry out in the winter and this brings is back to life.

It comes in a range of scents and ones for different hair types. I first wet my hair and use the shampoo and massage is all in my hair then rinse it off. I then put the conditioner on , massage it in and then leave it for around 5 minuets and my hair goes really silky smooth I love it.

One thing i really like about the packaging is that you can see how much product your using and how much you have left so you know when to buy some more, as coloured packaging can get hard to tell how much product you have left.

I highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner, its not expensive and there is one out there for your hair type.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, whats your go to shampoo and conditioner? let me know in the comments and I will see you in my next blog post x


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