My Story: Why I began blogging

Hi everyone I am here with a new blog post about why i started blogging in the first place and the reason/ back story to it all.

So I will begin with a slight back story. I suffer from sever depression and anxiety, I was stuck at home, mainly in my room not wanting to do anything. I have always had a passion for makeup and beauty related things so one day I thought of the idea of starting a blog, so I hopped onto my computer and started my own beauty blog, this beauty blog.

I started out slow but I loved having something to work towards, to build of my own. Something I could commit to and focus on. Thats why I started this blog, to connect with others and share my passion on all things beauty related.

I still have bad depressed days where I don’t want to write what so ever, but I schedule posts so they ate there ready in case I get any bad days. Writing helps me relax and it keeps my mind focused on one thing and it keeps me happy and motivated to do other things, every time i get a new follow or like, it gives me such an amazing feeling inside.

After blogging for a while I have made my own blogging schedule as I post Mondays and Fridays so i can start the week on a good note and end on one too.

I even have my own little bloggers note book where I write down ideas, what things I want to review and I keep a chart so I can see my progress with how many followers i have, views and comments.

You guys make this all possible for me, every view, every follow, every like, keeps me going, keeps me motivated, so thank you, everyone of you.

I hope you enjoyed my post, if you would like more posts like this every now and then, then just leave a comment and I will see you in my next blog post x



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