April 2017 Favorites

Hi everyone, i am here today with my monthly favorites from April, I hope you enjoy.


My first favorite is this palette by I heart makeup. Its called the go to heaven palette. I have been reaching for this all month as it has such beautiful nutrual colours. It has matte and shimmery eyeshadows which I love as I can make so many looks with this palette.


My second favorite is this matte lipstick by MUA called Fawn Fancy. I have been wearing this almost every day since i brought it in the middle of April. It’s such a perfect nude brown, and it goes with so many eye looks.


My next favorite is this 6 shadow palette from MUA called Soft Seudes. I have been loving this for every day use, as i can make some lovely soft makeup looks with it. I also love using this with other palettes and these make great crease colours. The 6 shades are all so different from one and other, which is the reason I love it.


My next favorites are these two brow products that work so well together. At the top is the MUA brow define tinted brow gel in dark brown. This sets my hairs in place and gives them more colour. ~The one at the bottom is the MUA eyebrow pencil in the shade brunette. I love the colour of this as it matches my eyebrows perfectly and its doesn’t smudge when on. I also really like that little eyebrow brush at the end. I have been using these two together to make teh perfect brows all month.


My next favorite is this lip care product called Carmex moistire plus lip balm. My lips have been so dry lately and peeling which is horrid, so I picked up this lip balm and it’s amazing. It makes my lips so soft again and its also tinted so gives my lips a nice bit of colour back to them. I have been using this daily to help my lips stay soft and it’s been really helpful so I highly recommend this for anyone who has dry lips like me.


I have one hair care favorite and that is these two, They are the Alberto Balsam shampoo and conditioner is juicy green apple. This is perfect for my hair round this time of year as it’s starting to get warmer and my hair turns greasy. This makes my hair look and feel amazing. I also have some of their other ones but this one has been my go to one for this month.


My next favorite is a skin care product that I have been using every morning, Its the Cuticure cucumber face wash. I love this because it doesn’t break me out and it’s so soft and kind on my skin. It makes my skin feel so soft and refreshed and cleans out my pores.


My next favorite is a random one but I have been loving this toothpaste by colgate. Its the max white optic. It makes mt mouth feel so clean and amazing as well as giving me whiter and shinier teeth. It’s blue in colour, and has a great minty taste. As you can see I have used a lot so far. I use it every morning and night.


My next favorite is this body butter from Cyclax, I got the cocoa butter one as I love the smell and it makes my skin so smooth. I use this every night before bed as it’s the easiest time for me to moisturise my whole body. It has a thickish texture, but goes on so smoothly and absorbs in minuets.

My favorite song this month has been The Sound of Silence by Disturbed, The way he sings it gives me chills as its such a moving song.

My film favorite this month has to be Deadpool, as I have been watching it over and over and it makes me laugh so much.

That is all for my favorites. I hope you liked them, what products have you been loving recently, let me know in the comment and I will see you in my next blog post x


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