April 2017 Makeup and skin care haul


Hi everyone, this month I brought quite a few things, both for my body and makeup so decided to make a haul post for you guys I hope you enjoy.

I will start with the body stuff first so i brought 2 tanning items, one is the sunkissed mitt and the rapid tan in medium. I also brought the rimmel sun shimmer in shower tan lotion brought these two as I don’t tan easily so wanted to see which one will give me the best results. As soon as I have tried both these products i will do a full review for you guys.

Now onto the makeup that I brought this month. I brought 3 new brushed from Freedom london makeup and they are the eyeshadow blending brush, the angled eyeshadow blending brush, the flat eyeshadow brush and the face brush. All the brushes are due fiber and super soft so I can’t wait to start using them.

I then got 2 new eyeshadow palettes from MUA , I got the 6 shade palette in matte soft suedes which are all matte and really nice nutural colours and I got the 6 shade palette in rusted wonders, which are all shimmery shades. I can’t wait to use both of them together and make some amazing eye looks with them. I also got one of their single eyeshadows in bronze which is also a shimmery shade.

I them brought 5 lip products. I got one MUA luxe velvet matte lip lacqure in the shade Elegance. I got 2 MUA matte lipstick one in Fawn Fancy and one in Mystic Marsala, both amazing colours. Then I got one of the standard MUA lipsticks in shade 2 which is a very nice raspberry colour with a sheen to it. The last lip product i got was the Makeup Revolution iconic matte nude lipstick in the colour Inspiration which is a nude brown shade. I cant wait to try all these out and write up review for them all.

I then got a new mascara that collection just came out with and its the volume max mascara. It has a primer one side and the mascara on the other side, so i am excited to see how it works and if it works well.

I then got 2 new brow products. I got the MUA eyebrow pencil in brunette, it has the standard pencil one end and then a eyebrow brush the other end and its the perfect colour for my browns, and to go with it I got the MUA brow define tinted brow mascara in bark brown which matches really well with the eyebrow pencil so I can’t wait to use them and get good looking brows.

Second to last i got a MUA intense colour eyeliner pencil in jet black as I ran out of my old black eyeliner pencil and needed a new one. I love that on this one the cap is the sharpener so when ever i need to sharpen it, its already there ready to use.

And the final item that i brought was the Miss Sporty lip liner pencil in the colour wine to go with some of the lipsticks i already own.

I hope you enjoyed my haul, if there is anything specific that you would like a review on first just leave a comment down below and I will see you in my next blog post x


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