Christmas nail look


This is the christmas nail look that i created.

For the nails i use the kiss glue on stiletto nails, they are amazing and lasts for up to a week. I picked out the sizes that i needed, i then prepped my nails by pushing back my cuticles then buffing the shine off my nails and wiping them over with nail prep alcohol, i then applied a small amount of the kiss maximum speed dry glue to the nails one at a time and applying the nails to my natural nails applying pressure to make sure there are no air bubbles. The glue dried in seconds which i loved . After i have done that i buffed the surface of the false nails lightly so that the polish would stick better.

For the red polish i used:


This one from the brand NYC, and this is from there fast drying range, i apllied 2 coats over all my nails to get the best colour.

For the accent nails, i used this silver glitter polish:


This is silver glitter by Barry M. This is a limited edition polish but any silver glitter polish will do. I applied this on the ring finger on both hands to give it some christmas sparkle.

When the nails were dry i applied a fast drying top coat which i have currently lost so cant get a pic of but it from the brand rimmel london and its there finishing touch ultra shine top coat, it dries so fast and so glossy i love it.

One the top coat was dry i applied some cuticle oil to replenish my cuticles and that was how i got these festive nails.

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