I heart makeup Super wow lipstick crayon


I got these a while ago, and have them in a few shades. They are an amazing product but do have some downsides to them.

They come in a range of fantastic colours, and they are all matte. They apply to the lips easily and lasts all day. The crayon is the perfect size so you can outline your lips and fill them in

The packaging is a shiny black which is very sleep and lovely to display on your makeup table. There is a twist section at the bottom so you can twist up more product when needed. The thing that i dont like is that you cant wind it all the way down so you can easily catch the lipstick with the cap.

Another thing which i didnt like is there is no name or coloured sticker of what colour they are, so you have to remove the caps every time to find the colour that you are looking for, which is not good if you are in a rush.

Sometimes these can drag on your lips, but they are so pigmented you only need one layer to make your lips pop.

I love the colour range that they have, and they truly stay on your lips all day.


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