Rimmel Brow This Way kit


I got this brow kit as a little gift near the beginning of October, and have been using it in every makeup look since. ?Its such a great little kit. I have it in the shade medium brown and its the perfect colour. 

It has a brow powder and a gel, you can use either, i personally use both.I use the powder first to fill in sparse parts and then the gell to make sure all the hairs are in place and it defines my brows even more.

What i found unique about this kit is that it comes with a spoolie brush for your prows as well as a double ended angled eyebrow brush. I have never seen a kit with its own spoolie brush before and that is one aspect that i love about this kit.

I love the small size of this product, so you cab take it with you anywhere you go to keep your brows looking amazing.

This product lasts all day on my brows. It stays put and doesn’t fade or smudge. I love this brow kit and 100% recommend it.

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