My Night Time Routine


Here are the steps I do every night.

Step 1: Brushing my teeth is always the first thing I do. I use aquafresh whitening toothpaste. After brushing my teeth for 2 minuets, I use my colgate total care mouthwash, and then floss. So my teeth stay healthy and fresh.

Step 2: The second thing I do is wash my face with quinoderm antibacterial face wash. This helps clean out my pores and tackles all my spots. Washing my face gets rid of all the oils that have built up through out the day and helps remove any makeup I have on also.

Step 3: Once a week i treat myself to a face mask. At the moment I am using the avon pore penetrating clay mask. I let the mask sit on my skin for 15 to 20 minuets. Then when its all dry i wash it off with warm water. This mask leaves my skin so clear and fresh I love it. It really helps clean out my pores and it makes them smaller as well.

Step 4: After I have taken off my mask or washed my face, depending on what day it is as I don’t use a face mask everyday, i moisterise my face. I am currently using the tesco own cucumber one, its so refreshing and it doesn’t break me out, as i have found some do. I use a small amount and massage it into my face till its all absorbed. This leaves my skin so soft and helps with my dry patches of skin.

Step 5: Relaxation time. After caring for my teeth and skin, I like some me time. So i either listen to some calming music, Watch a film as i snuggle up in bed, or read a good book. At the moment i am reading The Liar by Nora Robberts, she is one of my faveourite authors. Then around 9 to 10pm i fall asleep.

And that concludes my night time routine. I hope you enjoyed reading this. What things do you use or do at night?, i would love to know, so leave a comment. Have an amazing day everyone xx

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